Art Adventures in the Lone Star pt. 2

So what if we were in hot ass weather the day before for houRS while the production was painted??? We’re goin’ it all over again today!!! Luckily, this time it was big community event so there were tents/shade/dj/food to be had by all that came to participate.  Though this project took place in TX, writers came in from CA/AZ and other parts of TX to get down on this project.  Coming together to help the community thru the Power of Art?! Oh hellZ yeS.


Salvation Army Mural Project

Dyps / Damet (MZK)

RealZ / Bair (MZK)

Ser.V1 (FSC) / Skew1 (MZK)

Durok (MZK) / ? (wasn’t able to catch his name!)


Owwwwweeeeeeeeeee!!!  Just seeing all of these pieces is makin’ me hot all over again!  These will definitely be burnin’ away for a hot minute!

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