I’m Running Away…

and joining the Circus!

Absolutely loveLoveLOVE the Circus and all of it’s romanticism….

the artistry/dedication/independence/fragilehumanaspect/colors/mood, and, of course, the open road.

I guess you could say it all started with this one,

Freaks [aka ‘Forbidden Love’, aka ‘Nature’s Mistakes’] (1932) – an amazing classic shot in black and white.  This movie was made before the days of worker rights, bio engineering, and all of the pretty things (and people) we’re used to nowadays — everything and everyone in this number is the Real Deal.  This one got me straight thru the heart on multiple levels – a big thanks to JasonRudolphPena for intro-ing this title!

I recently caught a few other titles that got my Big Top fires burning again as well.  Peep game:

Circus (2010) – PBS can basically do no wrong and this one is no exception.  It’s a short series that follows an independent touring circus for one year and the first-hand view of the inner workings will blow your mind.  I know mine’s still on the other side of the Big Top/three rings away.

Circo (2010) – This one shadows a small Mexican family-run circus around as they continue to make a living the only way they’ve known how for over five generations.  It’s a sobering tale of an old-world craft attempting to surviving in the modern world.

Circus Rosaire (2007) – Nine generations deep in the Circus game and still upholding the rules/beliefs/traditions that made them successful.  This family a serious group of animal lovers + respecters + and whisperers.  Amazing animal tales/tails and utterly amazing people.


Peep these out and meet me @ the main ring. 😉

2 thoughts on “I’m Running Away…

  1. I own Tod Browning’s Freaks! I’m a huge fan of film noir . I love you woman. Keep up them bloggins beautiful. You gots’ tha’ goods

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