in the LiMELiGHT: Doloris Petunia

Etsy is pretty much where I go for everything – where else can you support indi artists while getting an amazing one-of-a-kind piece at the same time?  On top of that, I’m an accessorY addicT (vintage rhinestone clip-on earrings being my fave.) If you’re down with Etsy, you’ll know that it has to be either handmade or vintage to be on that site, so it is friggin’ heaVen aLL daY for me.  I’ve been a serious accessory collector for a few years now and am always looking to add to my collection. Neon is also a weakness (of course)  ^_^   So Imagine my absolute delight when I saw this amazingness while exploring Etsy:

Iced-Out Neon Drips?! YE$ PLEA$E.

clicked thru and found the ultra-fabulous and fantastic shop of  Doloris Petunia:

Those statements made me hiGh.

Yes, I would definitely attend an arm party with those two.  The work is so exquisite, so complex, and intricate while maintaining utter grace and elegance! On top of THAT, those bold color choices make them fresh and vibrant. Absolute LOVELOVELOVE.

 From their Etsy Shop:

Because One of a Kind is the new Black.

Doloris Petunia designs are a innovative blend of color, originality, craftsmanship and the finest materials. Whether Courtney Prince and the Doloris Petunia team are putting their attention on their heat molded cuffs, original statement necklaces or show stopping earrings, these one of a kind signature jewelry designs are sure to turn heads and be go to staples in your jewelry box.

~ Hand dyed vintage crystal

~ Custom design shape

~ Traditional hook and eye clasp

~ One of a Kind


Goodness… is it too early to start a Xmas list??

5 thoughts on “in the LiMELiGHT: Doloris Petunia

  1. Those necklaces are seriously (and I have never used this descriptor before but it really seems fitting here) fierce. And I’ll be adding them to my christmas list as well (in my opinion, it’s never too early to start one).

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