Not Now, But RiGHT NOW!!!

Totally apologize for the late-breaking news (I always like to give more time – planning is keY!), learned about this over the weekend but have been too boxed for time to post this.  If the source and status of FOOD eXcites/en-anGers/entraLLs you the way they do me, please check out this documentary!  I was given the heads up by the ultra-fab & knowledgeable @Reta_Mercedes — trust, this lady ain’t preachin’, she’s LiViN’ it!!

This documentary will be available for streaming for the NEXT 2 DAYS!!!



here’s a peek at what @Reta_Mercedes is stockin’ in her dvd library:

Need to scratch:

– The GMO Trilogy

– Chow Down

– The World According to Monsanto

– Got the Facts on Milk?

– What in the World are we Spraying?

– Simply Raw

– Ingredients

– Vegucated

– May i be Frank

– Eating

– Farmageddon

– One Man, One Cow, One Planet

– Planeat

Love her taste — I’m so ready to get my LeaRN oN!


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