Gone Veggie!

Back in January I had decided on a few soft resolutions for myself (I don’t really do the whole New Year Res thang) I’m more about self-improvement over time (any time), not just at the beginning of some calendar year. I did decide however that I wanted to greatly reduce my animal product intake and I have to say, 10 months later, I HAVE.

Initially, I started out as simply goin’ “Weekday Veg” but I was also regularly juicing. The more I did “Weekday Veg” it kinda naturally became “Everday Veg”. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t sworn off meat, I just don’t agree with Industrial Farming or the over-consumption of animal products since they clearly aren’t doing the body any good. 😛 I’ll still enjoy some fish/seafood here and there, and on the rare occasion I’ll partake in some chicken/beef. This transition came much easier than I would have imagined when first starting — not only have I become healthier inside and out, I’ve had a great time discovering and creating in the kitchen as well!

If you know me, you know that I just learned how to cook very recently (hell, I only learned how to use a vaccuum cleaner earlier this year!) but veggie dishes are a total joy to make!  I find them to be easier/faster/better than meat dishes. I don’t get grossed out preparing raw meat anymore and I don’t have to worry about bacteria from raw meat spreading and taking over. 😉  All I really worry about now are pesticides/GMO/organics since I’ve minused out the meat.

Check out some of these delicious easy veggie dishes that have become staples in my house:

Breakfast options – Love avocados with any meal, veggie sausage + chorizo are better than the meat versions IMHO.

Veggie [Del Taco] Chili Cheese Fries / Veggie Tacos — Smart Ground is the bomb.com

Eggs, Broccoli, Tofu, Black Mushrooms — some of my favorite things in the world :9

Bell Pepper + Green Beans + Tofu / Quinoa + Squash — So Simple & Delish

Homemade Inari + Brussel Sprouts — so friggin’ easy. Who knew??

It’s been quite the adventure!

Another plus side to having gone veggie?  Being a serious eater, I love to take HUGE bites outta my food.  I’m no nibbler/picker, I’m all bout the CHOMPiES, baby!!! Since I’ve gonne veggie, I can CHOMP the heLL outta my food and not worry about sinking my teeth into fishbones/veins/tendons/otherassortedbodyparts and that makes me so much happier.  Being able to enjoy myself thru food in a more responsible manner to the planet is friggin’ FAB!!!

I do need to learn more recipes/combos though.  Also, I tried to use tempeh for the first time and didn’t have a great experience.  I should probably try my hand at that one again as well. 😛


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