Dear AZ,

It’s been good…

Oh AZ…

– hotteR than heLL sometimes –

but very fun to say the least.

Actually, it’s been more than fun.

It’s been over 7 years of my life.

It’s been a home / a transition / a flight / a breeze / a fight / everything in-between.

We both knew it couldn’t last forever.

It’s time

and ends are beginnings

and beginnings are ends


A New View

I’ve been back in CA for a lil’ over a week now and I absolutely adore being back in civilization.  Seeing diversity everywhere has definitely brought a warmth to my heart.  AZ’s been good to me, but oh, how I’ve missed CA! It’s good to be home. 🙂

My main concern right now is downsizing. Yes, I obviously knew we were gonna pay more for less (& I’ve already given/sold so much off!! My two fishtanks!!!!) and one can be completely logical in acceptance of that idea, but it’s all mere mental elaboration/masturbation until that moment where you’re caught in the day-to-day logistics of it.  Case in point, during the last few weeks of leaving AZ we had a few surprise slumber parties w/welcome visitors [per usual] and everything went smoothly [per usual]; people hung out, got up, got ready, and got going with no issues.  One of the reasons for that is that there were three bathrooms in my house.  The situation has changed to a single johN in the joinT. As I write this we’re only about 50-something hours away from Bboy Summit and a nice round of houseguests … I’m scurreD, y’all.  If you know me you know I love slumber parties, but I’ve been so spoiled with my sPacious space for the last 7 years that this is mosdef gonna take some getting used to…  I guess my real main concern is shaking off the spoiL, huh?


Damn. I need to expand (or should I say contract?) my boundaries.



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