Of the Asian Invasion Persuasion…

Soooooooooooo, I’ve been missing for a hot minute – pls believe I’ve been living a November2Remember!  Been wrapped up in chanGe / groWth / insPiraTioN, can’t really complain or ask for anything else to be honest…. well, maybe a little more time.  Most of my hours and minutes have been split between NorCal/Socal/AZ, but mainly smashed between my car and the many of miles of road connecting those destinations.  Finally home for a minute and trying to spend as much quality time with my covers as possible – it’s been cold, dreary, and wet from LA to the Bay this Winter – perfect combo for chillin’ under the covers and catching a good documentary (or 3.) Here are a few that have been lighting my mental fires. 😀



Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry – utter dopeness. It’s no secret I appreciate Ai WeiWei‘s work (maybe not “work” persay as he always has countless hands to implement his ideas) but this film gets extra points as it really shows his personal / private side as well along with the professional and political philosophy.  Getting that 360 view of his person only makes me like him that much more. 🙂

JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI-1 SHEET[1]Jiro Dreams of Sushi – inspiring and mind-blowing!  This man’s dedication and discipline are (along with sense of taste) is in a league all it’s own.  So much tradition and history go into his creations … the legacy is almost too great to live up to… is having a meal at this exclusive Japanese restaurant too crazy a goal?!


Between the Folds – this piece definitely re-shaped the dimensions of my mind.  It’s examination of the 3D from the 2D is shocking and the interviews with some of the folders are works of art in and of themselves.  Damn those French for being so damn artsy all the time!!! (You’ll know what I mean when you watch the doc 😉 )


Know a few more? Lemme know.

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