reCaP: Meeting of Styles 2012 (Sin City)

I arrived on Sat, and it was a SCoRChER.  The whole event had started the day before so many pieces were already a day into the works when I got there.  You know I got my explore oN…

mos - pastels

In the works…

mos - mzkproduction

MZK gettin’ uP

mos - alleyways

In the alleyways…

mos - frontyard

7Seas / Ryno / Diore

mos - sideyard

Aero on the sweet character!

mos - jailbond

mos - bailbonds

goin’ BiG

mos - king

doin’ it RoYaL

mos -ohm


mos - burgersoa

burger joint / SOAKrew naSTineSS

mos - bestdressed

Best Dressed??

mos - canvas

Some more conventional goodies I found along the waY 🙂


That might have been sensory overload, but the next day is still to come. 😉

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