Wise Lion Dynasty x 602Cyphers

First off, wanna apologize for being so remiss at my blogging duties!  The move, the settling in, and the steady grind have been non-stop.  Though I havne’t been reporting in here, I have plenty of good stuff to share from the last few weeks so bear with me. I’mma rollin’ em ouT!


As you already know, @602Cyphers has been bringing the real hip-hop to the Valley of the Sun for almost a year now and they have NOT stopped bringing the hEAT!  Peep out this awesome collab between Cyphers & Wise Lion Dynasty.  If ya don’t know, Wise Lion Dynasty is the brainchild of Damet, the first graffiti writer to be put down with MZK.  Strong roots right thuRR…

The Dynasty rolled thru town on their Art + Music tour and kicked off their time in town with a lil’ pre-game action at a local spot:

Tewsr on the markers / Serv1 on the brush / DJ Dyps on the comp

Though we totally shut the club down that night, everyone was ready and willing the next morning to put on a bangin’ event for the all. 😀

WriterZ Blok / LaceD UP

Graffiti of the Historical Nature!

DJ BATTLE / 7 to Smoke Open Styles Battle

The DJ battle was for a cool $1,000!!! This prize mosdef brought some heat from out the woodwork – there were several female djs that came out guns blaZiN’! So, so dope, but besides all of that, this show also brought an awesome gallery show of canvas and fine art! Most spectacular to say the least. 🙂

The Artistically Fine Stylings of TEWSR (MZK)

The Bada$$eRY of NOTES (MZK)

Peep the finished aerosol pieces from earlier/outside:

Left (clockwise) – Damet / Such & Champ Styles / Asek / Dmer

Right (clockwise) – Serv1 / Skew / Tewsr & Notes / Closer



A few of my favorite pieces in the gallery, really wanna come up on the last piece!!!:

All in all, too much fun was had by all. 😀

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